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How To Survive Extreme Heat
Under Military Conditions

The temperatures at the May ‘98 Lancaster, Pennsylvania event spiked into the ‘nineties and by the second day when the British Brigade turned out for the event, humidity had soared to the range of unbearable. There were several casualties in our ranks that day. Cases of heat prostration and heat stroke. Ask anyone who has experienced this trouble, and you know it can be serious. It can also be avoided.

Heat stroke is largely the result of dehydration—lack of water in the system. The primary causes of dehydration are sweating and the consumption of alcohol.

First, understand that you are going to perspire. Sweating is good. But the fluid must be replaced. So drink water. Not soft drinks. Water. At least 17 to 20 oz before the battles.

Second, if you party too hard the night before, take extra precautions.

  1. Eat a good breakfast.
  2. Drink fruit juice to replace some of the Vitamin C the alcohol has depleted.
  3. Avoid drinking soft drinks, especially those with caffeine
  4. Drink water. Lots and lots of water

Heat has always been a battlefield enemy. Reenactors don’t have the risk of live ammunition but we do have the risks posed by heat. Pay attention. Take precautions. If you start feeling sick during an event, whether on parade or in battle, don’t hesitate to fall out - and seek help.



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